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About Us

We are…

a leading Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) in the UAE and EMEA. Our event management company masters conferences, associations, exhibitions, and corporate meetings. Whether you are planning a physical, virtual, or hybrid event, we provide tailored services that guarantee the success of your event and overall business growth.

We have…

a remarkable track record of over 20 years as a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) in Dubai, UAE. Our team bring a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring every aspect of your event is organized with utmost precision. From meticulous event planning to flawless execution, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

We create…

educational, immersive, and collaborative educational environments that are crafted to meet your goals. Through our deep understanding of event management in the UAE, industry network, and in-house event technology, we provide an experience where knowledge is shared, connections are fostered, and ideas are brought to life.

Our Formation

Starting as a one woman show, DiaEdu was founded by Christel Have in the early 2000s. After working as a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) in one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world, she decided to utilize her industry expertise to transform the healthcare system of a young nation. Thus forming DiaEdu, a portmanteau of Diabetes Education that was initially set up to promote diabetes awareness in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through impactful scientific education conferences.

Christel Have, founder and CEO of DiaEdu

Our Evolution

Due to the existing gap, we ventured into various healthcare sectors based on word-of-mouth referrals.

Based on popular demand, we diversified into other corporate industries with our first Fintech conference.

First of its kind, DiaEdu fueled scientific education in the region as a dedicated PCO for Diabetes.

In order to gain competitive advantage, we developed innovative event technology solutions 

We are now, undeniably, the leading event management company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Our Goals

Bring Ideas to Life

We like to move with the times and constantly innovate. We are trendsetters in Dubai’s MICE industry with the most effective standards for our offerings.

Deliver Value

We place utmost importance on forming strong and long-term relationships with our clients. Putting people and their needs first is at the heart of everything we do.

Build Communities

We enjoy creating opportunities for people to come together from diverse backgrounds to connect and advance partnerships, growth, and success.

Our Team

Event Experts

Christel Have from Denmark
Christel Have, Founder of DiaEdu in Dubai

Christel Have

Founder and Managing Director

Christel enjoys the great outdoors with her family and is often found trekking, camping, or rock climbing in nature. She finds pleasure in challenging her limits, be it from scaling a mountain or taking on new levels of growth.

Cyrou Binag from Philippines
Cyrou Binag, Project Manager in Dubai

Cyrou Binag

Project Manager

Cyrou has a strong enthusiasm for stargazing and is determined to visit a new country every year. He has already explored 33 starry destinations across the globe and continues his search for the clearest night sky in the world.

Saranya Kadakkathu from India
Saranya Kadakkathu, Project Manager in Dubai

Saranya Kadakkathu

Project Manager

Saranya, who usually goes by the name Sara, loves to go on spiritual retreats to disconnect from the busyness of everyday life and connect with nature. She refers to it as a “renewal of heart and inner being.”

Content Superstars

Aafrin Khan, social media executive in Dubai

Aafrin Khan

Social Media Executive

When she is not knee-deep in work, you’ll find Aafrin immersed in the world of Zumba which she lovingly refers to as her “happy place”. As a licensed instructor, she sees Zumba as the flawless fusion of balance, growth, and positivity.

Hermie Palma from Philippines
Hermie Palma, Graphic Designer in Dubai

Hermie Palma

Graphic Designer

With a deep passion for baseball, Hermie never misses his game, even during the scorching summer of Dubai. He plays twice a week and has been doing so since the age of 17. It’s better not to challenge Hermie to a match if you want to win.

Irish Alarcon from Philippines
Irish Alarcon, Digital Creator in Dubai

Irish Alarcon

Digital Creator

Having studied in South Korea, Irish has gained a broader perspective of the world. Despite her interest in other cultures, she holds the country close to her heart. As she says, you can take the girl out of Korea, but you cannot take Korea out of the girl.

Rumana Vakil from India
Rumana Vakil, Communications Executive in Dubai

Rumana Vakil

Communications Executive

Rumana is a certified art connoisseur. She often spends her weekends visiting art galleries, museums, and exhibitions looking for pieces that inspire her. Besides consuming, she also takes pleasure in crafting her own artwork using various mediums.

Office Extraordinaires

Kathy Garcia from Philippines
Kathy Garcia, Administration Manager in Dubai

Kathy Garcia

Administration Manager

Tambourine dance is, indeed, Kathy’s preferred way of escaping from the daily demands of life. She often takes charge of leading dance performances for her group during Sunday services at church, as seen in this photo taken during one of her sessions.

Likhith Bhaskaran from India
Likhith Bhaskaran, Accounting Officer in Dubai

Likhith Bhaskaran

Accounting Officer

Likhith’s love for nature certainly stems from the peace and tranquility it brings to his life. For him, being in the natural world is not only a way to relax and unwind, but also a means to foster a profound connection with the diverse flora and fauna surrounding him.

Tech Wizards

Djordje Andjelkovic from Serbia
Djordje Andjelkovic, Senior Software Engineer in Dubai

Djordje Andjelkovic

Senior Software Engineer

Djordje, or Jolly for short, is perhaps a bit of a thrill-seeker. He enjoys the rush of freefalling through the sky and constantly seeks out new challenges to satisfy his craving for an adrenaline rush.

Dragan Djordjevic from Serbia
Dragan Djordjevic, Software Engineer in Dubai

Dragan Djordjevic

Software Engineer

Dragan derives immense joy from the immersive world of video games. Caution! If you say hi to him, he might engage you in a conversation about the diverse technologies in the gaming industry, that could last for hours.

Milos Stojanovic from Serbia
Milos Stojanovic, IT Manager in Dubai

Milos Stojanovic

IT Manager

When he is not working, Milos covers long distances on his specialized road bike. He can ride for hours at a steady pace, evidently maintaining speeds of 26-32 km per hour. He thrives on the sense of accomplishment he gets from pushing his limits.

Nemanja Markovic from Serbia
Nemanja Markovic, iOS Developer in Dubai

Nemanja Markovic

iOS Developer

Nemanja has significantly been fascinated by the speed, agility, and maneuverability of racing cars. He often spends his weekends and free time at the local go-karting facility, where he is known to be one of the fastest drivers on the track.

Vladan Slijepcevic from Serbia
Vladan Slijepcevic, Quality Assurance Specialist in Dubai

Vladan Slijepcevic

Quality Assurance Specialist

We have yet another outdoor enthusiast in the room. Vladan finds great satisfaction in discovering hidden gems in the hiking world. One of the main reasons he enjoys hiking is the sense of achievement and thrill he gets from conquering a new trail.


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